Ren Lian is a professional Human Resources Inc, with a professional recruitment / training team and project management team
--- to find the most suitable people according to different section requirements.
     The business community is complicated, business fluctuations elusive, enterprises often in a position (or a position) on the face of some unexpected, temporary and urgent demand for labor, but unable to recruit the right staff, caused no small trouble to the normal operation of the enterprise.
With the expectation of flexibility and risk management for enterprises, it has launched a customized post and business outsourcing solution that can solve many thorny problems for enterprises:
- because of the limitation of dispatching policy, the proportion of dispatched personnel exceeds the standard, but the enterprise has no weakness to undertake the dismissal and the cost of sending employees exceeds the standard
Job outsourcing resulting from staffing constraints, such as administration, secretarial, driver, etc.
- temporary job vacancies due to pregnancy among female employees
- sudden job vacancies resulting from sick leave or job injury
- seasonal demand for bulk labor due to business fluctuations
- phased employment requirements arising from medium and short-term projects
Business process outsourcing, such as call center, activity promotion, etc.
Our advantage:
- as one of the core businesses in the group, the group has accumulated a wealth of experience by providing services to a large number of its clients. No matter what kind of situation the enterprise faces in the temporary and sudden labor demand, we can find the corresponding solution in our service experience.
We have more than 10 thousand qualified candidates in the administrative, secretarial, call center, promotion and other positions. We can fill the gap of the enterprises in time to ensure the normal operation of the company.
- our services are highly flexible, offering customized services to companies in different units, such as months, weeks, and days.
Our consultants will understand the enterprise's responsibility, labor demand and business characteristics, and puts forward the solutions to the most appropriate business needs; experienced project manager timely processing project possible


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