Ren Lian is a professional Human Resources Inc, with a professional recruitment / training team and project management team
--- to find the most suitable people according to different section requirements.
     The production line contract is the product of the recruitment of staff in accordance with the requirements of customers, loan customers of the company production line, to organize production, as a means of employment to the final form of piecework and customer accounts.
The production line contract helps clients reduce labor cost and personnel management, enterprise according to their actual situation in the production process, the production of auxiliary production of regular, seasonal, or production line for outsourcing, the outsourcing of non core jobs, but also contribute to its focus in the core business, in order to realize the maximization of enterprise profit.
Advantages of production line contracting:
L reduce production cost, increase production efficiency and maintain reasonable return on capital investment
• quick response to market needs and build better business processes
Reduce investment in the financial and human resources and increase the return on capital operation
• enterprises focus on core technology, business and value-added business
• reduce seasonal and unexpected production risks by recruiting personnel
Reduce the trouble caused by labor disputes
Avoid the ineffective results caused by the overstaffed organization
Advantage of Lian Lian group:
• Ren Lian is a professional Human Resources Inc, a professional recruitment / training team and project management team --- in accordance with the needs of different sections to find the most suitable person.
The quality management team has focused on the product packaging section.
• Ren Unicom has contracted production lines for several enterprises, reducing the overall cost of personnel management.
• Ren Unicom has flexible dispatched workers to meet the production capacity needs of enterprises..
The successful operation of the production line contract, is a new model of human resource dispatch and production practice, not only embodies the human resource dispatch in the labor advantage, and enable enterprises of all production processes are consistent in pace and so on, is the result of modern enterprises from the cost of production and work efficiency and other aspects of the full consideration. As the production line has its feasibility and superiority, we believe that we will do more in this line of business. Our company welcomes all companies to negotiate with us on the line of production, and we will promote this business in line with the feasibility of production and the principle of profit from both sides.


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