Ren Lian is a professional Human Resources Inc, with a professional recruitment / training team and project management team
--- to find the most suitable people according to different section requirements.
Business Process Outsourcing - Marketing
To provide customers with sales terminal management, data management, experiential marketing services. Through the activities of planning, preparation and delivery of materials, staff recruitment, training, personnel management, site management, quality inspection, data collection and analysis of a series of system process, for customers to solve job vacancies, personnel risk, material control, the implementation of promotional activities and other issues, enhance the terminal sales staff to help customers execution. To create the perfect sales terminal.
Business Process Outsourcing - retail
The terminal sales form to the customer analysis, provide professional human operation scheme, provide customers with PT retail and catering industry (Part-time) business process outsourcing services, including: mass recruitment, diversity training, job evaluation, risk taking, activities and other content, for the customer to strengthen PT (Part-time), flexibility the standardized management, so that customers can release in the management of PT investment, and focus on the overall operation of the store.
Business Process Outsourcing - Financial Services
To provide customers with lobby guidance, data processing, scanning, photocopying and other financial industry, non core business outsourcing services. From the early recruitment, unified training, teaching posts, on-the-job assessment, site management, employee relations and other services, to provide business process outsourcing professional experience for customers, to help customers reduce the cost of self employment, reduce internal management, enhance their brand image, improve customer service satisfaction and business objectives.
Business Process Outsourcing - manufacturing
Provide blue collar manpower management, manufacturing section management and other services for manufacturing enterprises.
Business Process Outsourcing - office type
Provide business support outsourcing service based on office position, including front desk service, administrative center, IT service, customer service, etc.. Through the optimization of business processes to achieve a comprehensive process management office staff of professional services and various recruitment channels, comprehensive staff training, improve staff activities and customization, enhance the management efficiency of enterprise of non core jobs, help enterprises to avoid the risk of labor, labor costs, reduce management risk control


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