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--- to find the most suitable people according to different section requirements.
Headhunting service process
1. Understand, analyze and evaluate enterprise characteristics and job requirements
Detailed understanding of customer's corporate culture, company background, industry and product features, communicate with customers fully and effectively, and discuss and analyze the required positions with customers.
2, formulate personnel analysis plan
According to the understanding of our customers in the industry, combined with the specific job requirements, formulate a detailed search plan for the job recruitment, according to the search program, using our large database of candidates, and the industry related organizations and individuals networks, with special skills, make contact with every one of the potential candidates.
3, signed a cooperation agreement
Through detailed communication with customers, describe the responsibilities, qualifications, special requirements and the corresponding salary range. The service agreement includes job description, recruitment methods, project time and warranty, cost structure, etc.. The customer agrees with Walre and signs the service agreement.
4, looking for candidates
Analyze and filter all incoming candidates, including candidate status, communication skills, turnover possibility and motivation, salary level and so on. Screen out candidates who meet the requirements and arrange interviews.
5. Assess candidates
Interview candidates according to the job description and the requirements of the candidates, evaluate the candidate's personality characteristics, management skills, professional knowledge and skills, communication skills, English proficiency, reasons for leaving the job, etc.. On the basis of interviews, prepare candidate reports and conduct comprehensive evaluations of candidates.
6. Recommend candidates and arrange interviews
In general, we will provide comprehensive information of candidates after signing the contract within three weeks will be evaluated to arrange customers according to customer requirements and customer interview candidates, to assist the parties on the specific terms and conditions for effective communication.
7. Background survey
When the client selects a candidate, the headhunter will conduct a background study of the candidates at the request of the client. The content of the investigation can be designed by customer requirements, or by the fixed format of the headhunting agency. The headhunter will provide 2 to 3 background reports to clients to ensure the reliability of the candidate.
8, after service and guarantee period
When the client formally hires the candidate, he will maintain regular contact with his clients to help them meet the difficulties and obstacles during the probation period and ensure the successful candidate's trial. If the candidate leaves the office for his own reasons or fails to pass the probation period, he will offer the customer a free service on the position and re search suitable candidates for the client.


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